SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !!
SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !! SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !! SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !! SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !! SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !! SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !! SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !!

SIGHT2 - No More Shaky Videos !!

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$74.93 $219.93

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Do you have trouble taking clear photos and smooth videos?
Say goodbye to shaky and blurring memories!

SIGHT2 provides a solution that enables you to take steady and smooth photos and videos.


Multi-perspective intelligent stable system: Ensures smooth and steady capture of images and videos. Say goodbye to shaky and blurring memories.
SIGHT2's light and unique foldable structure makes it convenient to carry travel with.
Freely adjustable pitch angle: Intelligent stable system with two motors and highly sensitive gyroscope ensures a smooth and steady shooting of photos and videos. Shaky and blur are things of the past.
Support Bluetooth Connection(Only available for Bluetooth version): Low consumption. International Bluetooth 4.0 standard.
Regardless of age, young or old, you can now capture life's moments more efficiently anytime and anywhere.
With its optimized structure, SIGHT2 adapts to all smartphones with a screen size less than or equal to 5.5".

SIGHT2 Handgrip carefully optimized and structured according to different smartphones in order to increase its compatibility.
Intelligent multi-angle stabilization system helps to get rid of the fuzzy and shaky visual effects and makes the video steadier and smoother compared to holding the camera by hand.


Model: SIGHT2

Phone Compatibility: For smartphone with a screen size less than 5.5"
Pitch axis angle range: ±175 degrees
Horizontal shaft angle: ±55 degrees
Pitch axis control angle: ±45 degrees
Bluetooth: Low consumption. International Bluetooth 4.0 standard
Battery: 1000MAh Li-Po battery
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Maximum power: ≤10w
Working duration: 2-5 hours constantly (depending on phone weight)
Material: PC engineering plastic
Item Size: 15 * 4.8 * 5.4cm / 5.9 * 1.9 * 2.1in(L * W * H)
Item Weight: 189g / 6.7oz
Package Size: 16.3 * 9.1 * 6.5cm / 6.4 * 3.6 * 2.6in
Package Weight: 380g / 13.4oz


Red slow Flash, battery low, and needs to be charged
Red lights flash, battery is about to run out, ready to automatically shutdown
Power blue light weak Flash, on behalf of the Bluetooth connection
Blue light permanent representative works

Package include:
1 x Phone stabilisers
1 x fill fittings (for mobile phones)
1 x Hex screwdriver
1 x Charging cord
1 x Manual
1 x Certificate
1 x Velvet storage bag


Watch SIGHT2 In Action!


Our Mission

Our Mission

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Who We Are

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Why Us?

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