Pro Panoramic BallHead Clamp

Pro Panoramic BallHead Clamp



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Indexing Rotator For Camera Tripod Head


You can take continuous photos with accurate angle difference (choices : 5-10-15-20-24-30-36-45-60-90 degree) around one circle (360degree) (For example, for 5 degree, you need to take 72 photos, for 24 degree, you will take 15 photos and so on.) to complete a panoramic photo. To choose different angle, it depends on what lenses you used. Wide angle lens get a wide angle of view, you can take less photos while telephoto lens is vice verse.


Designed specifically for panoramic photography,Simplify the traditional process of panoramic photography by easily change detent interval, This rotator is a combination of high precision, ease of use, compactness, Light weight, and durability. It is suitable for ultra wide angle lenses.


Ideal for HDR (High-Dynamic Range) panoramas as well as time sensitive situations in which shooting must be completed quickly, such as shooting high resolution multi-image mosaics or shooting the same Scene at different focal lengths.


To easily change the position of the blue detent interval control knob, 10 different degree stop intervals (with equivalent number of click stops):


- 5 degrees per stop / 72 Click stops

- 10 degrees per stop / 36 Click stops

- 15 degrees per stop / 24 Click stops

- 20 degrees per stop / 18 Click stops

- 24 degrees per stop / 15 Click stops

- 30 degrees per stop / 12 Click stops

- 36 degrees per stop / 10 Click stops

- 45 degrees per stop / 8 Click stops

- 60 degrees per stop / 6 Click stops

- 90 degrees per stop / 4 Click stops




1.Two Knobs for locking top platform and panning base rotation, Both top And base rotate independently.

2.Includes a removable Arca Mount plate,prove very convenient when a Quick change between equipment is desired on the field.

3.The discal clamp is attached by both its center 3/8"-16 threaded hole (via an 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 conversion bushing on the top platform and two 1/4"-20 socket hex screws on its sides .

4.The panning base has the same diameter as the rotator body and is laser engraved with a degree scale. When this Indexing Rotator is installed onto a tripod, it may also be used as a normal panning base.

Adopts a very high quality surface finishing and anodizing techniques, Solid and durable.



Specifications :

Materiel : Solid Aluminum; all metal construction

Ball Height : 53mm

Base Diameter : 50mm

Tripod Screw: 3/8"

Camera Screw: 1/4"

Weight : 312g

Load Capacity: 15kg



Package include:


1 x Panoramic Panorama Indexing Rotator tripod head

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